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I've noticed a lot of new faces here on Vingle and I just wanted to give another shoutout to all those in the News community, "the Newsies!" as I like to call us.

I'm the moderator of the News Community on Vingle and just wanted to say HI and welcome to you!

We talk about current events and issues in a cool way. We are the community that discussed real issues and current events. Yes, we are classy.

My favorite topics and current events include:

Human Rights Issues, Technology Advancements (any new Apple Product announcements...I’m all over that stuff), Politics (Not a huge Trump fan though) and anything about Global Warming/Sustainability!

It's Super Duper that you are here with us! Now, what current events do you like talking about?!

Comment Below!!

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Sweet! @CherifBelkhayat have you been following the University of Missouri issue at all?
2 years ago·Reply
is it the issue with the black people? i have heard of it but i don t know a lot about it. i think it s this guy who was discriminated i guess. and they did a demonstration or so. i really don t know much about it!
2 years ago·Reply
yeah, it's an issue of race relations. some awful threats of violence and stuff :( and now students are protesting! it's really interesting @CherifBelkhayat but of course awful.
2 years ago·Reply
yes u should tell me more about it! its so alarming ..i mean its a big university !
2 years ago·Reply
2 years ago·Reply