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I will now have to add choker to things I want to be(along with water bottles and lollipops) Vixx had come back with their MV "Chained Up" and they came back hard. I am a little familar to this group but not enough to have a bias. The MV was I so many levels and the beat was killer. All I got to say is Ravi, Leo, Ken, Hongbin, Hyuk, and N are all aiming for my bias list.
How they came back was something I can't forget. How dare they all wear CHOKERS AND SUITS WITH NO SHIRTS...I blacked out for a little when they changed from white to black. At least give me time to listen to the song before you kill me lol..
Why is Vixx being so rude with this comeback? I don't understand why they would do this... But I like it!! Leo with the body rolls. Ravi with that arm, N with that hair. Ken with those lips. Hongbin in that water. Hyuk with his voice. Choosing a bias is going to be a real challenge for me

Are You A Fan Of This Song? Are You Excited About Their Comeback? Do You Want To Be A Choker Now? Lol Let Me Know In The Comments!!

Tagging my SOTD peeps: @monikad @ryanparriola @chinmokuginsei @punkpandabear @MoraLesley @CarenBoykins @GeetanjaliRao @Zelda27896 Yall tag anybody if they are a fan of Vixx too. Thanks :)
The dance move in the second gif is still so weird XD but I love this song & mv!!!
Yes yes and yes. This song is my entire life right now.
Ah all of the above Vixx is one of my bias groups!!! Fortunately for me, it was very easy to pick a bias (or two) Hyuk and Hongbin heh!! Obsessed with the song too!!
@kpopandkimchi I think Leo or Ravi may be my bias