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Hello and welcome sports fans!

I'm Michael (or Mike, whatever floats your boat) and I'm the Sports community moderator! It's been almost a month since I've been a moderator and special thanks to every active members in the sports community, you know who you are.
Here are some GIFs shared by our very own fellow Sports Vinglers!
This one is from @jeff4122! He started a new collection this week featuring the top NFL plays of the week. Make sure to check it out later!
And...this ones from @InPlainSight! He is an avid soccer (football) fan so if you are also a soccer fan, make sure to give him a shoutout!
And this one's from the President! Just want to give a shoutout and a warm welcome to all the female athletes out there!

I am always willing to talk sports with you guys, so hit me up any time!

Also, I want to learn more about you guys!'d be great if you could leave your favorite sports and teams in the comments section below and then, I will decide whether we can become friends or not!

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@Sydsocquet Ahhh Lewandowski is amazing! I heard Real Madrid is trying to acquire him! Well, welcome to Vingle! I'm Michael, the Sports community moderator!
My favourite Sport is cricket and my favourite team is West Indies ^_^;
@JovonThomas Hey!!! Welcome to Vingle!!!!
hii hello, my favorite bicycling and aerobic. nice you all
@evanurjanahhh Welcome to the sports community! Do you like to watch any sports?