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Chorizo are goooooood. They are seasoned pork sausages that sometimes pack a lot of heat. Mmm...spicy chorizo. Many Latin American countries consider chorizo as a huge part of their traditional foods.

Chorizo is made by chopping the pork and then marinating the spices. Spanish chorizo is made with paprika -- and they can either be sweet or spicy.

While Mexican chorizo is made with fresh pork, Spanish chorizo is made with smoked pork.

Chorizo must be cooked, unless you're getting the drier cured sausage which can be sliced and eaten without cooking. You can eat raw chorizo as appetizers.

My favorite way to have chorizo is grilled, or even cooked in an oven.

*droolage* I came for this naughty pig! Wait, that didn't sound right. I mean, Im here to conquer meat logs. Nope, not quite right either. 馃槓 as hell, I was saying they're delicious.. @InPlainSight @alywoah
This is indeed something I eat on a regular basis! I did not know it was Latino!
@Danse You just wanna get a big meaty sausage in your mouth, I think that's what you're trying to say?
@Danse dammit lol ur digging ur self further deeper in a hole of awkwardness hahaa. Arghh chorizo is soo good.
@alywoah Chorizo is awesome and I love using chorizo oil to flavor other foods....
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