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Shonda Rhimes Admits To Killing Off Character Of The Actor She Didn't Like

Don't mess with this writer or she'll write you out.

Shonda Rhimes, the genius behind fan favorites ABC's Grey's Anatomy and Scandal revealed some interesting news. She's been writing for years and every once in a while, Rhimes stirs some slight controversies. She's the first person fans blame if something horrible happens to their favorite character however Rhimes usually doesn't make any public statements about why she writes certain characters out, until now.
During an interview with Comedy Central's The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore, he asked Rhimes directly, "Have you ever killed off a character because you didn't like the actor? And extra bonus points, who was it? Don't even think about lying."
She nonchalantly responded with, "Yes, and I'm not naming names."
It's a huge truth bomb but she doesn't seem to mind sharing. Last year, Rhimes took major heat for eliminating Patrick Dempsey's character, Derek, in Grey's Anatomy. Though she originally took a silent stance on her choice, she ultimately blamed Dempsey. She claimed that due to his struggle with drugs, especially cocaine, she had no other choice but to let him go.
"We had a lot of discussions about it," she explained. "It wasn't easy or fun, it is never easy or fun. We've been working really hard for a long time together. We're family. Those choices and those decisions are never easy for any of us."
However, just because he left for drug addiction doesn't mean that Rhimes disliked Dempsey as an actor. She's written out multiple characters, many of whom she could be referring to in her answer to Wilmore.

The List:

Eric Daneโ€™s Mark Sloane (Grey's)
Jeffrey Dean Morganโ€™s Denny Duquette (Grey's)
Patrick Dempsey's Derek, aka, McDreamy (Grey's)
T.R. Knightโ€™s George Oโ€™Malley (Grey's)
Chyler Leighโ€™s Little Grey, aka, Lexie. (Grey's)
Dylan Minnetteโ€™s Jerry Grant Jr. (Scandal)
Chris Lowellโ€™s William Parker (Private Practice)
Remember people, the writer ultimately always has the power.

Which favorite character do you miss?

better not mess wit her
Haven't seen any of those shows but I agree with @nicolejb. I really don't think that was professional. Now all the actors who work with her probably cannot entirely focus on their work!
Hmmmm sneaky. I don't think that's a professional way to go about this though, if they were a problem (like she said) with drugs or something I could understand. But otherwise, that's just being petty.
James and Harrison from Scandal!!! T_T
#truth @blakelyoq
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