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PistolShrimps on YouTube put together a quick little edit of a couple of scenes from Back to the Future to update the movie's idea of 2015 to the real 2015. And even though the clip below is short (it's less than a minute in length, around 50 seconds) it's good for a short laugh or a snicker, or whatever you do when you watch silly Internet videos on your phone.
The switch from Jaws 19 to Jurassic World is one that's an obvious change to make especially since it definitely fits in with the world of the movie. This moment is probably referenced the most when it comes to those "WHAT DID BACK TO THE FUTURE GET RIGHT ABOUT THE FUTURE LOLOLOLOLOL!!!11!!!" articles that were all over the Internet last month, since, well, all our movies come out in 3D and IMAX now.
But the best thing about this short edit is that instead of Biff Tannen being the supreme shitty overlord of Hill Valley, it's Donald Trump. I've read stuff and people have told me stuff about the actor feeling inspired by Trump when he was acting as the supreme dickhead asshole jerk in that horrible future timeline. So looking through it with that lens probably makes a bunch of democrats and liberals laugh a bunch then get scared then laugh a bunch then write about it on the Internet.
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