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I don't know how to explain this I have over 100 different vines from KPOP boy groups and I watch them whenever I'm sad or in a bad mood and will instantly start smiling. Reasons why I absolutely love them all.
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@xsandos17 I ended up buying a 128gb iPhone so I'd have more space. 馃槀
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@RihannaTiaMay those exist 馃槺 I have to put everything in my desktop but like my cord is being a turd so I can't transfer them
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I wish I could do that
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that so me
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@justcallmekyki you can! if you have vine just copy the link and download this app called viny. paste the link in that app and then it will download into your photos(if you have iPhone) if you have android go to google play and type in vine downloader and see if they have viny if not look for another one! ^_^
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