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When Netflix says there's a season 3 of black butler coming out on November 18th Cx who knew about this? lol
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it only says that there's two seasons rather than 3 on my Netflix :'(
It's almost been 2 months... I just watched season 3 and 4 on KissAnime so if you wanna watch it then I highly suggest that you watch it there :)
@RainbowDino I looked on KissAnime and there's no English dub. do you know where I can find an English dub?
@carmaa10 No I don't, unfortunately, I don't think that they came out with a English dub, that's why it hasn't released on Netflix I assume, sorry I couldn't help
Okay, @RainbowDino, and it's fine. I just figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.