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ugh my love.!! just so sexy.!!
Looking very handsome as always.!!
ughh!!! no wonder he's my third bias.!!!
Ahhh Youngjae.!! how I've missed those eyes of yours.!!
Jongup rocking that blonde hair.!!
isn't my jello showing too much skin.!! he's growing up so fast.!!! he's not a baby no more.!!
he's not squishy anymore!! he'll always be our Giant Baby!!!
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he doesn't look like a squishy Zelo anymore does he. :( he's all grown up. @MadAndrea
@YeseniaLira but it's beyond only that! Like, maturity hit him like a friggen semi-truck!
He looks incredible. From seeing him all squishy and cuddly to a very sexy man. makes me happy. @MadAndrea
@YeseniaLira It scares me and makes me happy! I wish I could be hit with adulthood like that but here I am 21 and people think I'm 14. I'll enjoy looking youthful when I'm 30 lol
haha. ain't that the truth.!! being 21 and being treated like a child. haha. @MadAndrea