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Yeah soo these pictures came out as we get closer to Ikons "comeback" (they never really left so I don't count it) and I'm a dying right now!!!!! They released my main bias (just missing Bobby) pictures and I can't this is just too much for my soul they are too perfect for words!!!

Look at Junhoe!!!!

Look at him!!!!! If this isn't perfection idk what is my heart was not ready for this at all and in definitely not ready for the comeback!!!!


Guys how hot does our beautiful leader look!!!!!! I can't with BI seriously he's too much for his own good and idc what anyone says BI is the best and most amazing person ever!!!


Saved the best for last........ I just........ughhhhh...........how????..........how is someone this perfect??????? Do you see him!!!!! My love is slaying life with this picture and I'm soo seriously if Bobby were not here Jinhwan would be my number one of the group anyway he's too perfect for words seriously I can't handle this can the 16th please hurry up!!! I need this in my life
@Jiyongixoxo That jawline tho....uggh he's too gorgeous. I was all about Jinhwan for like a minute but Junhoe will not be denied. This comeback.....I'M NOT READY (((o(*๏พŸโ–ฝ๏พŸ*)o)))
JUNHOE!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG I CANTTTTTTTTT.......HE'S BEAUTIFUL (เฎ‡๏นเฎ‡`๏ฝก)
@PassTheSuga isn't he!!!!!! I love Jinhwan but man Junhoe is too perfect his picture is my favorite!