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OMO!!! This has been a issue for the longest now and I'm ready to settle it. Is Jungkook our sweet little kookie or the sexy, sly maknae?

Jungkook can definitely be sexy at times. It usually surprises me XD. I vote for cute personally bc he will always be my kookie lol.

Awwe look at him!!! Totally adorable ^ω^

On the other hand Jungkook can make me weak in the knees. Like seriously who does this kid think he is??

Who ever said being young was innocent lol. Good gracious kookie!!!

Let us know what you think of our little Kookie (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!

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2 years ago·Reply
He is cute 😄😆😙💕
2 years ago·Reply
Jungkook is to complicated. Like he goes from "hello sir I'll have your daughter back by 11" to "Your daughter calls me daddy more than you". How the hell do you switch like that????? Golden Maknae is evil
2 years ago·Reply
Cute. I'm going to be a good noona and choose cute
2 years ago·Reply
Adorably cute!
2 years ago·Reply