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Romantic Date Idea: Learn Something Together!
It's vital to every relationship, especially of the romantic variety, to keep learning and growing together. It's also important to keep things fresh, to enliven the relationship once in a while, rather than always doing the same old thing.
That's why I thought that learning something new together would make a fantastic date idea!
You can learn a foreign language, take a cooking or art class, attend a workshop at the local library, enroll in a seminar at the community college, take music lessons, get CPR certified together, or just self-teach yourselves a new skill or craft!
How about taking motorcycle riding lessons together? Studying French once a week in a coffeeshop? Learning to bake an ambitiously delicious soufflé?

These all sound like my kind of date.

I love to learn, so the idea of learning alongside someone I love sounds absolutely perfect. It's a great opportunity to tease each other, work in a few flirty touches, and find yourselves enriched as people afterwards. Plus, your parents will LOVE them – "look Mom, he's such a good influence!" ;D
Share this card with your S.O. if you think it's a good idea, and maybe you'll find yourself having a fun, educational date night this weekend ;)
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and workout together. couples who lift together, stay together. I like your idea of learning something together. it'd be great to learn the other persons hobby.
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one of my most favorite, most romantic memories was when I was walking to the train in Chicago on a Winter night. I was alone, freezing, and happened to look inside a cafe window as I walked. what I noticed, blew me away. in an overstuffed arm chair, sat a man and woman, beneath a blanket. she was nestled into him. with one arm wrapped around her, the other held out a book. they read together. I was in awe.
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I love this.. Learning together is more delightful than alone. Plus it brings you closer.
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@marshalledgar Wow, that's beautiful :) my parents work out together, and they couldn't be more in love. That's one of my ideal couple activities! :) @ChriSingularis Absolutely :) I couldn't agree more!
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