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WARNING: THIS MAY BE A LONG POST, IF YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT KNOWING WHAT TYPE OF PERSON I AM, DON'T READ, YOU'LL LEARN OVER TIKE THROUGH WHAT I POST, HOWEVER IF YOU'D LIKE TO SEE STRAIGHT OFF THE BAT THE TYPE OF GUY I AM, STEP RIGHT UP, WE GOT A NICE POST WAITING FOR YA! "Wowwwwwwww," The boy explained in awe as he opened the ap- Just kidding. I'm not telling a story! >:o The purpose of reading this is so you guys can get a general understand of who I am before I start to open up to this amazing community! Well what are we waiting for? Let's begin!
Oh whoops, must have accidentally left my newspaper out! I see you've stumbled upon it however! And seeing how it's game related, let's start with my interests! As most people are, I'm your average gamer at heart, I play a wide variety of games from the handheld memories to those big screen console parties. I'm extremely competitive, so just because you may think you're good at a game, don't underestimate me, I don't go down as easy as you would think...
The pictures above will show you just a few games out of all that I play! Games in order: -Vainglory An intense MOBA brought to the Touch Screens for those who like to battle it out on the go, with stunning graphics and intense battles, it's practically everything your MOBA players would love! -Legend of Zelda Need I say anything about this amazing game franchise, it's one we all hold dear in our hearts. And give us courage to stand up to a demonic beast, and even determination to clear those damn water temples! >:( -Kingdom Hearts A spectacular game, the Disney Characters simply make the game a whole new experience, opening up new ideas and imagination that runs through your head, as you embark on a journey to stop the dreaded Heartless from hacking away at Human Hearts! Last but not least... -Super Mario Brothers ITS-A ME, MARIO! This has been the classic since the start of the gaming days, if you aren't a Mario player, then in my eyes you really haven't experienced fun, this game brought so many memories to families and such relief after finally being able to make that hammer drop on Bowser's damn bridge! Only to see him come back in 20 other series xD Well played Nintendo Well Played.
Enough about games, let's get into the types of anime I watch! Anime is another huge interest of mine, like with games, I'll practically watch anything! And if you can name all 10 anime above, you officially are getting added to my personal list of most favorite people in the world! *^*
Ahhhh don't we all love Children's books? ouo [Failed Joke Attempt] P.S. You can laugh now ;) Am man, I'm probably boring you guys to death by now, hopefully I not I pray, because then otherwise:
Yes I did just do this. ;3
It's almost time to finish it up, but first I gotta show you guys some funny things, because funny things are funny =u=
Don't you just love terrible jokes? XD And with that. It's time to say my farewells, I tried to do an intro post, most likely failed, but in the future, you'll see short and awesome posts! Till next time, stay Irrelevant!
So if we can name all ten, we get friend zoned? Well that's dirty. 馃槀 Anywho, great card, though it failed being irrelevant as @hikaymm @VinMcCarthy both have swooped down upon it. Now me.. that makes three friends of irrelevant awesomeness? Nice to meet you. 馃槈
Happy to have some friends already! :D
@VinMcCarthy @Danse look, a new friend!!!
omg hahahah welcome! this cracked me up XD i'm going to follow your folder of irrelevance, because I also want to stay irrelevant :3
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