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1. husband - jungkookie💖💖💖 (do i even have to explain. HE'S MY BIAS!!!) 2. boyfriend - jin (cuz well cook together everyday) 3. brother - namjoon (cuz he'll teach me life lessons) 4. little brother - tae tae (cuz i get to take care of him and give him lollipops) 5. crush - chim chim (cuz he's so adorable and he has the... body) 6. best friend - hobie (cuz he'll make me laugh for days) 7. classmate - yoongi (we'd sleep through class together) - note: updated mine b/c it's such a tough decision comment down below yours
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husband: namjoon boyfriend: jin brother: hobie little brother: jimin (he's older than me but I think he'd be an adorable little bro) crush: kookie (be he's the golden maknae) best friend: suga (he and I are honestly really alike so I think we'd be friends) classmate: v (we'd can be crazy and get in trouble together)
husband: Namjoon boyfriend: jimin brother: j-hope little brother: jungkook crush: jin best friend: suga classmate: V
Husband-Suga Brother- RapMon Little Brother- V Classmate- Jin Boyfriend- Jimin Crush- Jungkook Best Friend- J-Hope
Oh man! This looks like so much fun! :D 1. Husband : Jimin [hes my bias, I love him so much. He's such a sweetie and he'd be so sweet to me and always make me laugh and smile, and we both have no jams, so we are perfect together] 2. My boyfriend : {this is so hard] Jungkook, cause he's literally perfect in every aspect and he would spoil me in everything he does, cause he's perfect. 3. My brother: [J-Hope cause he's sunshine and he makes me so happy and he will always be there for me.] 4. My little brother: [Taehyung, cause he's is the biggest child I know, and I would take him everywhere with me and just spoil him] 5. My crush: Jin [cause he's secretly so alluring and he makes me nervous all the time] 6. My best friend [Min Yoongi, cause we are basically twins and we get along so well] 7. My classmate: [Namjoon, cause he's so smart and full of wisdom and he always has something useful to add to conversations]
I think the only changed for me are Taetae and Yoongi!!! Oh and Jimin is my hubby and Kookie is my crush!!