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Have you ever gotten some really crappy advice or been devalued by a narcissist or a co-dependant? Please note that I am not suggesting that all co-dependants are this way but i have known some who, when they cant fix you, they don't want anything else to do with you. It happened to me and it left me with the feeling that i am only worth their time if im becoming a successful project for them. It makes you feel that their love is conditional upon how you respond to their teaching and advice. It further motivated me to stay exactly the same as i was because i felt that i should be loved for who i am or not at all.
lol this is my comment and i thought it should be added to the card.
its not that i dont see the need for change but sometimes there are deep psychological reasons and other reasons why change is so hard to even imagine and we need people in our lives who understand that and are willing to not only work with us but be there for us even when we are not coming along just as they had planned. we also need friends who know that they are not the answer to every problem.
so very well said and absolutely true! I have a best friend I adore that came from horrific trauma that altered her. Her progress overcoming the dysfunction she came from has been amazing in all areas but one. As we talk about it I see clearly there is a disconnect that she is for whatever reason unable to tap into at this time. I still speak truth to her but its always in love and from a personal pain of watching her remain in bondage. I love her and want her free but nothing I say and no matter how much truth is spoken its her journey that no one can control I accept and support her journey to that place. She recognizes that something is missing and continues to seek freedom. I have complete faith one day she will not struggle with this and until that time I'm going to be there to love her and support her. Nice post thanks!