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The more I look at this stunning wedding cake, the deeper the chills run down my body! CHILLS!!!!!!!!!
This Duke Photography photo shows one of the most beautiful tiered fondant cakes that I have seen in a while. Most of you think, Marshall, you're crazy--you share wedding cakes almost daily! True! Very true. However, I don't get CHILLS with every cake that I share. And that is the difference.
Don't hate me, I don't know who created this cake! :( I actually spent a lot of time researching this. You have no idea! UGH!!!!! If you all have access or know who is responsible for this AMAZING CAKE, please let me know so I can give credit.
What I love about this cake:
The mix of gold and cream
The beautiful array of sugared flowers
That stunning tier design
The scale
The lighting
The silhouette of the cake
That floral linen is divine too
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