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So, we have cable, but when they were connecting it, the cable dude said that we needed this HDM1 cable to make it colored since it only came out black and white on my TV, kinda odd. After mom decided to get me an antenna but I refused because they only have Chinese channels and some other channels I won't even bother watch! Then as my mom was scrolling through the channels, I saw MBC AMERICA!!!!! I SCREAMED IN EXCITEMENT GUYS!!! Like I was sooo happy!!! King of Mask Singer was on!!!! Then that night, Music Core played and I was the happiest girl EVER!!!!! My mom regretted getting the antenna but once I told her that CNBLUE was on and Yonghwa was singing, she joined me and we fangirled together XD I NEVER change the channels! I sleep and wake up to MBC America! There's so many good Korean dramas and food shows! Although the food shows usually play at night, ugh the taste buds bubble up!!! I finally feel at ease even though I hardly watch K-Pop on YouTube...

But I'm happy guys!!!

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@KpopGaby oooh. okay but I wish they had it for variety shows too.
@cthulu same dude...they show Infinite Challenge and I'm just sitting there wondering what they're laughing about...
@KpopGaby same but I kind of guess what they laugh about and I just laugh along haha
I wish I could do the same but I can't fake laughs lol @cthulu
@KpopGaby But most of the time I don't understand