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Hello Everybody! Welcome back to Day 12 of the Beast Is the Best 30 Day Challenge. I am so happy to be sharing with you all everything I love about Beast. It is really wonderful to read the comments you share with me saying how much you're enjoying this challenge. I'm encouraged by this and I'm striving to do this group justice by being the best ambassador I can be for Beast. After all they have done for me - it is a distinct privilege and pleasure to do something to give back to them. I am especially thankful to have such a cool forum as Vingle to demonstrate my love for Beast and share these cards with you all. So thank you!
I have to say my favorite variety show that has featured Beast consistently is the Weekly Idol show. watching the shenanigans the two hosts get the guys do is hilarious!
For example ...
Of course there's also
Again Thank you for allowing me to share this with all of you. Have a great Day 12! Please feel free to share with me any or all of the Challenge categories you want to answer - I would love to see all the ways you love Beast as much as I do! There is no obligation obviously, I would just love to see the ways in which you would express yourself. Plus, I know I would be inspired to keep improving my card making skills. Anyway ...
... Until tomorrow - see you soon for Day 13 of the Beast Is the Best 30 Day Challenge ...
You're all the Best!
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You're welcome! Have a great day! :)
WEEKLY IDOL WAS AMAZINGGGGG but I seriously loved burning the beast
I love ur cards always glad to meet and follow new ppl
<3 <3 I don't always see thwm but when I do o love them and love to join in on the fun. that's for always adding me even tho sometimes I am so busy I don't get to join I still love that you include me and all of us :)