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That's all I've seen so far so I'm just curious.
@eliayase I usually watch an anime and if I like it enough I pick up the manga.
Petite Princess yucie, Tweeny witches, Kill la Kill, Magi, Fate stay night, Red Data Girl, Strike Witches...... just to name a few
one who simply watches super anime doesn't get the full anime experience. Switch genres, watch old anime, or watch brand new anime that just came out., but be aware its very addicting to a real anime fanatic.
Wait.. I thought all anime was popular. Have I been mislead? 馃槴 lol. But really, I'm sure tons of people watch shows that don't quite get as much hype as others.
I don't care if it's popular or not half the time I don't even know if the anime I'm watching is popular. My dad got me into Shingeki no kyojin and a few weeks after some people at school were talking about it and I was like "you know that anime?!?!"
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