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[Would You Rather] Go to Korea and Not See Idols or See Idols on the US?
This is a question I've been asking myself now that more and more Kpop groups are coming to the US to perform. With meet-and-greets, concerts, and fan meet ups, it seems like Kpop is really becoming accessible here! So my question is, would you rather go to Korea for vacation and never see an idol or concert OR would you like to stay in your home country and get to go to a show and meet the band!?

Korea or home?

Who will answer this impossible question?!

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thats hard
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both. go to Korea and not see any idols and then see them here lol
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i like both lol
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can't it be both 馃挃?
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Korea! My reason: In the off chance that there is even the slightest possibility that i can even frequent a place that My "Heart" has walked or even sit in the same supposed chair that he or she sat in at a crazy expensive restaurant then that should be enough. Would I ever be able to meet my Oppa? Who knows, he/She just might be there, on their off day. But its a chance that I am willing to take and give to my daughters, because to "Love" Our Bias' is to LOVE THEIR COUNTRY !!! Yeah! I would go to Korea.... But secretly i would be hunting My Heart down! <--- 馃榿馃榿馃榿馃榿
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