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I was on youtube back in 2011 when i saw on the home page a video that looked interesting. so clicked it. I loved the song. That song was Love Song by Big Bang. So i looked up the group and that lead me to another group and another. It has taken over my life.
I was watching anime m/v and one of the songs was Big Bang's Fantastic Baby...finally tracked it down and watched the real visei. One look at GD with that wild hair and guy liner.....that's all it took.
B1A4 was my first, wanting to watch more videos led me to big bang.
Big Bang must be a gateway group because they were my first too. My bae is Daesung. I'm also fairly obsessed with GOT7 as well. I may end up looking into alot of group to well, learn their names. ^u^
I was just looking up some anime songs on youtube, randomly clip on some videos and lead me to girl's generation gee mv
I was introduced to Kpop by my sister. She said that she found a group, on YouTube, that looked super gay and wanted to show me. She ended up showing me MBLAQ's Oh Yeah and B2ST's Bad Girl. I've been hooked ever since, and my sister was unable to find the group she originally wanted to show me haha. We had forgotten there was a back button and history haha.
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