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Gotta love this quote by David Levithan, from his book, Every Day.
I love the fact that love, in this case is more than a gushy feeling; it's a serious, forward-moving, active love that sees value worth sacrifice and responsibility. There's actual work involved. I think so many are in love with the idea of being in love that the WORK that's required for a strong and healthy loving relationship gets lost in the fray or forgotten.
I know that I am a selfish person. :/ Not sure what my future is for love. But I am in the LoveBugs Community, so I am hopeful that everything I am reading here on Vingle will push me toward a better me!
FYI, I used the "Drugs" font from DaFont, online, which is a free font site that doesn't require anything from you to download it. I used Canva to create the image for this card, which is also a free social media program to turn ordinary cards into the EXTRAORDINARY. Maybe one day my card will get translated into a million different languages like all seven of @allobaber's cards. LOL