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Yaharo minna! I've been on a hiatus for quite some time now. And so, here's Nekoneru-sama to give you some of those manga I've been busying myself with. They're not in any particular order, nor they're my most favorite. We just love the chemistry! Take it away, Neru-kun!
Title: Nishiki-kun no Nasugamama *sigh* Yare yare,Rushee-chan. You know I'm not really into this kind of things. Though I am a romanticist for a different matter, that is. Just like this manga. The female protagonist is in a great predicament, especially with how her supposed love interest interacts with her. Well, I apologize for I refuse to give any spoiler. I do believe that the unknown greatly adds to the excitement of doing things.
Title: Kiss ni Juuzoku This ones quite the same with the first, though there is a much deeper connection with the events and actions of the characters. You could say that one thing lead to another. Tadashi, whatever reasons the characters may have for being what they are, the topic of this post is still evident on their actions.
Title: Banken Hero Hmm.. This one's quite tricky. I don't really get how my petite and incompetent "master" see this cute or sweet. (Rushee-chan: Hidoi yo, Neru-sama!) Saa.. I guess women who are stronger than their male counterparts have some cuteness too. Though, I can't really grasp the idea of them being sweet. Oh, well. I'll leave that to you dear readers.
Title: Baku to Nemurihime At last, something exceptionally "kawaii". I do agree that whatever the age, a lady's beauty transcends that of time.
What a tiring task! I expect my master to be ever so considerate the next time she gives me something trivial to do. Ja mata ne!