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so I thought it be Cool to make a dating game by picking your date by smile. we all know we obsess over our biases. but can we pick them by their smile.

I will have two idols from super junior,.big bang, and bts.

I hope you like the One you chose a me no changing it.

awe such a great smile for #1.
#2 can't you feel the warmth and awesomeness of this smile and the sexiness of it.
such a adorableness and a little naughty smile for choice #3.
there are no words to adequately describe the owner of this gorgeous smile for #4
#5 has such a contagious and pleasing smile
finally who can't but help to smile after one like this. it invades every corner of ur heart for #6
so tune in tomorrow to see which lively smiling bias will take You out. Hope you all enjoy playing. Tagging these awesome Vinglers in Hope they will tag others. @kpopandkimchi @aimeeh @allobabber @butterflyblu @amobigbang @B1A4BTS5ever @stevieq @PasstheSuga @poojas @baileykayleen @sherrysahar p.s I have a new phone and can't tag many people right now p.s.s. thank God for the internet and the biases that have these smiles. I do not own these images and credit goes to the original owner a of the content. Thanks Google image search
IM CHOOSEING NUMBER 6 CAUSE ITS MY HUSBAND SMILE MY ALIEN I KNOW THAT SMILE ANYWHERE <3 :[]................wait so i get this excited or are u gonna kill me like are gonna make think i choose my bias and give a random other member :(
5!! 😍
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