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Dragon ball is my favorite and it was my childhood. It's a great anime showing struggles that are hard to get past, fights that you will never forget, and most of all the loving and coolest characters I know. We will never forget our favorite fights from this and all the times goku and crew overcame obstacles others would have run from.
Yes the other one is naruto because I know there are a lot of fans. Now I am not really fond of this show but I watched a few episodes here and there and it's ok but what do you guys think like for dbz and comment for naruto !!:)
dbz, not just because nostalgia, but because a kaoiken x3 Kamehameha kould destroy earth
dbz really just has nostalgia the newer episodes might be better but really it's mostly waiting for goku to get there and then they literally spam the same fight scenes especially gt I know no one counts gt but it has the best example of repeat animation like when they had a chase scene in space Naruto is better I think
Of course almost everyone including myself is gonna say Dbz thts basically everybody's childhood show
For me naruto is seriously my #1 anime. I enjoy dragon ball z but nothing beats naruto. Imo
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