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Introducing to the Civil War on #teamCAP Cloak & Dagger.... A dangerous team and a powerful Alliance for #teamCAP.
The Marvel Civil War is dirty and it brings a dark cloud on both sides of the coin. But your side is only as strong as your team leader, in this case Captain America and the alliances that you can bring to the table to support the cause.
Cloak : Teleportation Intangibility Ability to link to the "Dark force Dimension" It is a powerful, extra-dimensional energy that can be manipulated in slightly different ways by a handful of beings that are attuned to it. #TEAMCAP has snagged Clock! And he can tap into that energy!
Dagger: Ability to create "daggers" of light. Ability to purge addictions from people Ability to heal with her light daggers.
Together, they are dangerous and will help #teamCAP come to the finish line... With no casualties..
Spoken from a true leader... @shannonl5 for the Vingle Marvel Civil War..
love that cap quote!!
@purplem00n23 it's one of my all-time favorites too
@shannonl5 WIN!!!!! ✨ ✨ LOL
oh my goodness you used my favorite cap quote ^^^