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Here we go! Today is the day! Now is the time! Time to Vote in the Vingle elections!

In case you missed it Vingle had a "mock" elections where Vinglers came forward to campaign. What do they win? Bragging rights and a fun time ;) Check the collection of cards that took place over the elections <<HERE>>



Step 1: Candidates COMMENT 1 closing statement. You'll know it's a candidate because it's one of these five:

Step 2: Vote! How? LIKE the comment of the candidate.

(ONLY likes on their 1 closing Statement Comment will count)

@ObscurePoet made a good point, you can definitely vote for more than one person. Just be sure to pick wisely!

Step 3: Voting will be open for Friday, Saturday, until Sunday night.

(for the whole weekend!) I will tally the results at 9 PM EST! Any votes after that will not be counted!

Step 4: Comment and talk to the candidates, and tag your friends to get your favorite to win!

But any "likes" towards comments on non-candidates card will not be counted!

To the Candidates, GOOD LUCK. It's been a quite a journey. Thanks for your dedication!

Here's the Candidates One More Time: @TessStevens @quietone @InPlainSight @Paulisaghost @GalaxyTacoCat

To the supporters. Make sure to Vote!

Candidate @GalaxyTacoCat Closing Statement: I promise to fulfill every obligation I have made. I will provide the utmost best pizza to fall from the sky onto your doorstep so no one will ever go hungry again. I am a human raised by intergalactic cats so our interworldly trade will skyrocket when I am elected. My team is @danidee Pizza, Galaxy, Taco, Cat. All you need. Thank you for your vote
Candidate @Inplainsight Closing Statement : Vote for the team you think represents you best. My team is @Shannonl5, @ButterflyBlu, @Dance @mchlyang @mattk95 @jiggzy19 and @beannachtoribh. Team @InPlainSight - The free air guitar team. Statistically 73.67% of all statistics are made up, and 99.99% of @InPlainSight voters are more attractive as a result of their vote. Thats all, thank you for your votes, be they for me, or others.
Candidate @TessStevens Closing Statements: Good morning, evening, afternoon all Vinglers! I want to personally thank you for your support through this wonderful election. I want to reiterate, as I stated in my closing statement card that the purpose of my candidacy was to encourage new relationships, foster happiness among all Vinglers and usher in a new era of freedom, art and fun for all on the site! I am so happy to be apart of the Vingle family, and as the election closes I would like you to dig deep down, vote smart, vote right and vote for me. As Vingle president I will continue to be honest, open and positive! Thank you to all my friends, you know who you are. My staff, my supporters and my fellow Vinglers, this could be the start of a new era. Ask not what you can do for Vingle, ask what Vingle can do for you! With this, I sign off...awaiting your votes. Whoever the winner may be, I congratulate them in advance. Best of luck to all candidates. Remember: No matter what happens, life goes on, so kick ass, walk tall and never let anyone take you alive! XO, TS
Candidate @quietone I don't have a whole lot to say for my final statement but I would like to say before you go running to the promises and luxuries my opponents offer I ask you to at least check out my page and see that my continuation of peace creativity and understanding is assured. I don't promise anything other than to continue my writing I hope to give all of vingle the feels And of course my honesty I'm the male version of Roseanne Barr and the boy raised in the back of. a hearse (literally) and I believe in keeping vingle as is. we are a peaceful people why mess with it? if you do decided to go to one of my competitors for their gifts and whatnot enjoy yourself because no matter the outcome I'll be doing the same thing I was before this election. I appreciate any and all votes I might receive greatly since it seems I'm the underdog atm and who doesn't love a good underdog triumph? thank you all and I hope you and an interesting trip through this election like ik I did
Candidate @paulisaghost Closing Statements: I'm unsure of what to say because I am a ghost of few words. But sometimes, there's something great about silence in a setting that is filled with so much noise. Do you get what I'm saying? Everyone else who has been involved with this election has been talking. Talking. So. Ghost. Damn. Much. And you know? I get it. Some people need to constantly talk about how they are or aren't involved with this Internet thing. And in the mean time, what was I doing you ask? I was in the trenches. Working with the people. Loving them with all of my ghost heart. And sure we've had our differences but I promise that'll change. I am a ghost, yes. I am nice, yes. I am boots made of concrete and you? You're water twelve feet deep. So, please. Engulf me. Vote for me. And I'll make sure all of your needs are whatever-ed or something.
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