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Fan Made Miles Morales Short Film Makes Me Want More (and more, and more)

Ever since Miles Morales became Spider-Man, I was excited at the prospect of a person of color taking up the Spider-Man mantle on-screen but it's obvious that it didn't happen and we're all stuck watching Peter Parker (which isn't a bad thing, it's just the same thing again).
But for those of us who desperately want Miles Morales as Spider-Man, we can get a glimpse of him thanks to Bard's Tales Productions. The short film is around 9 minutes in length and you can watch it below.
In the comics, the reason Miles Morales takes up the mantle of Spider-Man is because Peter Parker finds himself dead, or something (this I am absolutely unsure about). And Miles ends up following in Parker's footsteps because he can do whatever a spider can. The fan-film hits all of these points quick and easy without taking too much time on it.
It was a really refreshing thing to watch (even though that Australian accent was a little weird and the acting was kind of weird, too) because I never thought I'd ever see an on-screen adaptation of Miles's story. Sure, it's fan-made. But it's still made. Part of me hopes that this somehow translates into a different set of movies following Miles as Spider-Man or maybe even a television show.
I found myself wanting to know more about Miles as a character (on-screen anyway, I could just read the comics if I was really desperate) and wanting to know about his family. I would love to see this taken into something more long-form just to see how it would be developed. I unfortunately won't hold my breath for something like this to happen but I can still dream.
I'd really love to write a bunch more but I've got to send this to my nephews as soon as possible so they can enjoy it too (and see a Spider-Man who's a young person of color like they are).
@shannonl5 by younger I mean younger then the guy in this video
@DerrickAldana HE WOULD BE SO GOOD FOR THE ROLE AAAAA. Sorry I was just thinking about what could be........ @Bakuman247 sure thing! @kuzuri96 and yeah the suit is AWESOME ugh I want like at least 2 movies of this XD
I think Tyler James Williams would be great for a real Miles Morales spider man movie
@shannonl5 it was really good for being a fan made film.only problem is that the was to big even bigger than Peter Parker I'm favorite part was when he turned invisible. I really wanted to see more
@shannonl5 dude gold mine!!! Thanks! I never knew this existed and that suit!!!
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