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April from Parks and Rec is a riot, and she will forever be one of my favorite characters (she comes pretty close to Ron Swanson). April threw some pretty awesome wisdom during the show. She's adulting, and she is adulting well. She sorta proves that even as you get older, a lot of things don't really change...

NAILED IT. Sure, we can have our own house rules. But damn man, paying bills kinda suck. I'd just like a big bowl of cereal, watch Pokemon all day, and roll around in dirt without being judged.

Pay bills, drink booze. Okay -- gotta keep it balanced.

Pretty much. How about we just all bond by drinking booze and not talking?

No matter how old some of us get, there's one thing we'll never lose: our sense of humor. I might be in my late 20s, but I'll be a damn wizard if I want to.

No explanation to how sucky being an adult can be...

Because it just sucks...

And it is mostly bullsh*t.

it does suck !!!!
It was the episode where she was a contestant in the Miss Pawnee pageant. So funny. <3
oh my gosh i just noticed that @danidee
APRIL IS THE LOML. She's the quote in my bio for a reason!
@alywoah hahah well I consider myself an adult by heart but my body doesn't agree with that cx I can honestly say I believe your statement and your card hahah *thumbs up*
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