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More like i need to make space on my phone (sorry Key I love you I do). But didn't want to just delete these lovely pics of the handsome diva we all love from SHINee so I'm sharing them with my lovely vingle family bunnies! Now my main SHINee UB is Choi Minho and next in line is Lee Jinki (Onew) but Kim Kibum (Key) is another story. I love how he lets his bitchy side out and my goodness does he know how to dress well! His fashion sense is amazing even if it leaves me scratching my head sometimes lol! You can't deny he looks good in just about everything.
His flawless skin is perfect and makes me insanely jealous. So smooth and even tone. Sigh. And his lips?! Almost the perfect cupid's bow lips, why am I jealous of a MAN'S lips?!
Playful Key is an Adorable Key! Just his facial expressions and laugh are cute AF. Seriously. And he's witty and smart and SO sassy! I really want to have a conversation with him. When he speaks English his voice is so much deeper and a bit rougher, I'm just like how?.. This bean with the feels when he says stuff like this or being sweet to the members. *Bonus Pic* Americanized Key is outrageously beautiful but I wouldn't change him one bit for the whole world! Proud Locket! AND Flame! AND MVP! AND Taemint! AND Blinger! Proud Shawol!
tagging some bunnies! @kpopandkimchi @AimeeH @Emealia @electica @Exoexo @destiny1419 @Tigerlily84 @jessicalnichols @JessicaChaney @Jiyongixoxo and I can't remember any more tags.. I really need to start a memo. πŸ˜’
πŸ”‘ to my ❀
Key was my first bias. 😍 and SHINee was one of the first Kpop bands I discovered. I am proud to be a Locket and a Shawol.
Key is my ultimate Bias...
Every shinee member is amazing!!! Key is his own person and that is what makes me love him.
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