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Can You Guess Where This Is will be a weekly issue where everyone can have fun finding out about an awesome travel location. This is one of my top must-travel locations. Can you guess where this is? Do you know anything about this place. Share it with everyone :D The World Is Not A Dark Cold Place is an ongoing collection featuring the most astounding and eye-catching travel inspiration photography. You can check out the entire collection here:
@neaa Hahaha! Exactly, a reservoir list. XD @carlosdang That bucket can't contain all of it and that's a beautiful thing. :)
@PadelisPapadopo, ooh, I just looked up Mikono, and it looks amazing too! Definitely also in my travel list now. @YinofYang: We should all just make a travel bucket list, haha. The world's so vast and there's so many places to visit I sometimes feel overwhelmed.
@yinofyang reservoir list??
Ahhh, I see. Well, you'll just have to find time to visit it in the future. It is a beautiful, beautiful place and I'm sure it's breathtaking in real life.
santorini or mikono
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