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Have you ever felt like you're alone? You looked around but it was too dark to see anyone there. all you could see was the occasional light of eyes, staring you down. You don't want to turn in the light because you're afraid of what you'll find. the path is hidden and you don't even have a compass... Don't worry, you're not alone. Turn on the light. let people in. Even if it doesn't stop the pain, its more fun to hurt together. you're not alone... don't pretend to be.
Another way not to feel alone is if you watch a scary movie because then you won't feel alone anymore.
But what if being alone just comes so naturally? I mean I am just so used to it, but I want to let people in. The last time I let someone in my heart, they committed suicide and took a piece of me with them😕 Almost everyone I love is dying around me and I'm surprised I'm not numb to the pain yet. I guess that just means I'm still alive😐😥