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Rocker Jon Bon Jovi has put his Manhattan penthouse on the market, and a peek inside shows 7,452 square feet of pure luxury. And it better be luxurious and then some, considering he just put the place on the market for $42 million, a mind-blowing price even for New York real estate. According to the listing, the duplex includes a lower-level foyer, giant great room, five bedrooms with their own separate bathrooms, a screening room, wood-burning fireplace, 11-foot ceilings, and multiple landscaped terraces. Some of those terraces, states the listing, have a “Zen quality,” while the largest one is meant for entertaining. All have views of the surrounding city. Oh, and the apartment, located in SoHo’s New Museum Building, comes fully furnished. The 51-year-old – who is married with four kids and also has a mega-mansion in Middletown, New Jersey – paid a mere $24 million for the pad in 2007, and reportedly put millions into renovating the place, but it’s probably fair to say that if he gets his asking price, he’ll still be making a killing. We reached out to the listing agent, The Corcoran Group's Deborah Grubman, to find out a little more about the home, namely what warrants the $42 million price tag (especially when other seemingly just-as-amazing celeb-owned NYC apartments are currently listed in the $20-million range even after being redone). Is it the views? The swanky building? The fancy finishes? But a spokesperson for the agency told us the listing is “a no comment situation.” credit: yahoo
@amelia : more like what am I gonna do if I no longer have that 42 mil. Better play safe and be contented with .... kdramas and Vingle. Oh yay !
I'm gonna travel the world!
hahaha.. how about you? what are you gonna do with 42 million?
@amelia ... It's my life ...
@shoe ... dont see any flowers at the rooftop. sad...
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