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This week in Vingle News!

1. There is a gym that is essentially powered by the human sweat. The longer you work out, the more you get off your membership fees. Worried about using the equipment? No Sweat! They aren't strict!
2. Another Republican Candidate Debate happened this week, and it wasn't completely awful! The discusses foreign relations, healthcare, and the military. But not economics, there wasn't enough demand.
Card by: @TessStevens
3. There is a Secret NSA school that trains smart people tech, coding, science and language skills. But the NSA has to pick the right candidate and they have to be the right "type."
4. A 7 year old girl got the gift of a diamond worth $48.4 million. Maybe he felt "pressure" to be a better dad? (image above)
Card by: @InPlainSight
5. The Vingle Elections are going on! Make sure to Vote! <<HERE>> You CAN-didate do it!

Thanks for another great week in the news community Newsies!

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@InPlainSight @nicolejb BOTH OF YOU RIGHT NOW.
She needs to polish up on her puns @InPlainSight...
@danidee I'm cut that you gave up so quick. I thought you would polish up a few more. You're usually so faceted.
@danidee He's the jewel in the crown of that family
@InPlainSight I almost typed InPlainSigh.
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