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I've always liked Infinite's songs and dances so much (well, not their most recent tracks, but that's another card lol). One of the reasons their dances look so amazing is because they are /so/ in sync that the movement's honestly look more difficult than they are!

Imagine how much they must practice to become this synchronized!!

They're always so in sync!

It doesn't matter if it's in a music video...

a dance practice...

or live on stage!!!

They're always killing it and bringing us to ~Paradise~

I'll never get tired of watching them dance because of this!

Don't forget the famous scorpion move!

Keep it up, Infinite!

Even if we can't all be perfect, ALL the time ;)

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DOODS. I made a kdrama card last night and I was looping every single INFINITE video ever HAHA I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! They are so intensely synchronized it's crazy. These gif's HECK YES <3 <3 <3