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Do you guys remember the scarf Juvia gave to Gray in episode 45 of the second series?? I just realized I think he's wearing it on this cover (x
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@Koinupuppy I'm pretty sure it wasn't four years ago. Lol (x
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Exaggeration :p Feels like it though. Wasnt it a filler from after the games? or no?
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@Koinupuppy It had a chapter I the manga but it was like a whatever .5 side story thing
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I haven't read any of the side stories cx I watched it as a filler whenever it came out. At first I thought it was stupid but by the end of the episode I was like "AWWWWE"
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@Koinupuppy I loved that episode (x I also think it's great for both Gray and Natsu to have opposite colored scarfs
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