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Professional Stuntman Eric Jacobus is probably one of the most athletic individuals I've ever seen on the YouTube. Wait, hold on let me start over.
Tekken is probably my favorite fighting game series, it's the only one I've ever really gotten good at, and by good I mean like amazing. So I'm pretty familiar with all the characters from the series. So when I came across Jacobus's video of him doing Hwoarang's move list as a work out, I nearly lost my mind. Actually, I did. I lost it enough to share with everyone here.
Before Steve Fox came into the mix, I used to use Hwoarang religiously. And every time I did, I always thought how insane it was for him to kick so high. I mean like, sure I'm paying attention to the game while I'm playing it. But when you see a guy kick that much you kind of just chalk it up to video game magic instead of thinking, "yeah someone in real life can do that".
The video above is pretty amazing. But it's amazing in that, "oh man I don't take care of myself and I'll never be as agile or flexible as this person so I should probably go buy a pepperoni pizza and eat it all alone while I watch Scrubs on Netflix all night because my friends probably don't think I'm cool enough to hang out with because I'm so stiff and not flexible like Eric Jacobus" kind of way.
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wow that pretty Damn impressive being able to do his moves lol want to see if someone can do jin or kazuya