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Hey Vingle Nakama!!!

This is the fifth installment of the Nani November Nakama Week, where we're all going on tagging sprees in the hope of securing an awesome Erza Scarlett figurine.
If you missed the rules card, or just need a refresher, you can find the rules card here.
Remember to tag someone in your response to the question! that's how we are all going to build up our nakama in the community~!
Now, speaking of Nakama.... here's the question I propose!!

What anime characters would you cast as the cast of Friends?

Guys, I am really, really bad at photo editing. So I'm sorry for that, but I tried! Anyway, here are the characters I would pick to recast the Friends from F-R-I-E-N-D-S.
Naruto as Ross
Luffy as Joey
Ichigo as Chandler Bing
Lucy as Rachel
Yoko as Phoebe
Akame as Monica
I honestly don't know why I picked each for each. IT's not like their personalities match up with that character, but I think this would be a weird/funny/intense apartment living situation.
Now tell us yours!! :D :D :D
I love FRIENDS 馃槃 I think Rachel- Lucy or Kagome (fairy tail and inuyasha) Monica- Juvia (fairy tail) Phoebe- Erza (fairy tail) Ross- Natsu or Inuyasha (fairy tail and inuyasha) Chandler- Gray (fairy tail) Joey- Loke/Leo or Miroku (fairy tail and inuyasha) those are my picks and they actually took a lot of thought it was harder than I thought lol @YiselRamos
Friends is such a great program and is now the basis for nearly all sitcoms on the air today. So to replace all those iconic characters with anime characters quite a task ahead of us all. Inuyasha-Rachel Lucy-Ross Kirito-Joey Golden Darkness(Yami)-Phoebe Ichigo-Monica Goku-Chandler @ArtistWolfy
@zachdaniel i would have joey as luffy, Gon as chandler, light yagami as ross, asuna as rachel, phobie would be shizuku from my little monster, monica would be nami
@ashleyrene27 oh my god, I want your answer !!!<3 lol Inuyasha and Fairy Tail are two of my top favorite animes(: hmm, if I had to pick my own answer though; I would pick Shigure (Joey), Honoka (Phoebe), Kagome (Monica), Sora (Ross), Utau (Rachel), and Tskune (Chandler) TAG: @MoonDrip
Lol. I will let you know @Thatperson512 :)
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