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This year has been absolutely nuts for me. It went in so many different directions in so many ways -- it's insane. But since I will find some stability in December, I've decided to start a list of goals, and I WILL take them seriously.
Let me be honest with all of you: when I was active and eating right, I felt good. Real good. I felt more alive, social, energized, and confident.
Knowing that I have been super active and athletic before, I know I can get into the groove again. Besides, exercising isn't that difficult for me -- mostly because I just do what I love. And I don't do exercises I hate. Simple. I hate jogging, so I don't do it. I like sprinting and weight lifting, so that's what I do.
I want to share some of my December fitness goals.

And I would love to see everybody else's fitness goals too!


Workout 5-6 times a week
Lift every day
Sprint 3 times a week
I am not quite sure what kind of program I will be on, or if I will even be on one. I might do a program for the compound lifts (powerlifting program) and do whatever I want for isolated exercises.


Sticking to vegetables and meat
No sodas, juice, or sugary drinks
Limit alcohol consumption
No sugar
No junk food
No fast food
Start meal prepping
When I am eating healthy, I actually just like eating the same things every single day. Mostly because it saves money, I use everything I buy, and it's just easier for me.
Meal plan isn't solidified, but I will eat these foods: chicken breast, steak, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, oatmeal, plain Greek yogurt...

Overall Health

I will bike or walk wherever I can
Take care of my deficiencies
Drink plenty of water (At least 1 gallon)
Enjoy tea
Sleep enough - 8 hours
Meet new people
Be social
Learn something new every single day
I will definitely track my progress with all of you!

Do you have any goals for December?

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Yeah plateaus happen. That's when you gotta change things up. I've was never really good at counting calories -- it's so time consuming. :/
i can count calories it sucks but I've done it a few times b4. it works trying to change the number on the scale but I've found that what I'm doing now my weight hasn't changed much but my waist is getting smaller and so far every week I'm a lil bit stronger than the week b4.
but I'm eating alot more than i used to. still no fast food or chips or candy but eating alot lbvs. @alywoah
Yessss this is amazing @alywoah, you can do it girl!! :D I'll share my health goals soon <3 Love how you made it so cute and fun with the cat gifs ^_^
Yayy..tag me when you make the card :) ...and thanks! @AlloBaber