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So, I love to write, and think and share things with you all, and I was thinking of new ways to accomplish this, so I'm launching a new collection called "Thought of the Day", where we can share the things we're thinking about.
It can be as simple as a sentence, or as long as a novel, but I wanted to encourage my friends here to think openly, freely and fully on the site. I often get bogged down trying to think of things to format, write about and present in a good way, but honestly, just getting the thought out is enough.

So, through this new collection, where we can all collect our thoughts, we can be free to talk, introduce new ideas and pick each other's brains.

There is no restriction on thoughts of the day, nor is there an expectation. Do one, don't do one. Post a handwritten note, or a typed response. It's up to you!

I wanted to start by tagging some of my buddies who seem to be of the philosophical type. This might be the best thing to get you going posting your own stuff on here: @TerrecaRiley @MelissaMae @KingOfHearts @IanHand @Shannonl5 @alywoah @Jason41 @ButterflyBlu @basquiatorsamo
Here's my first thought of the day. A handwritten note. If you guys have any answers, please let me know!
"Why is it, that people end up getting away with murder, grave injustice or fraud, and others get life in prison for breathing too heavily? In a world where everyone is offended and there is no do we find what is right?"
I'd love to hear what you think. And if you'd like to participate in "Thought of The Day" please comment below!
If you do participate, please tag me so I can clip my card into the collection.
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first things first; heh. she called me somewhat philosophical. okay now that that's out of the way. in my opinion, the only way to make an impact is to offend everyone so badly that they give up being offended by little things. "oh no, someone called me African american when I like being called black. well that one kid just kept calling me the n word so either is better than that." I know its not the safest or the best way, but I honestly can't find a sane alternative. I have the "PC" nation we've become and I hope we can go back to being people instead of labeled and separated based on nothing but the color of our skin. that's my take on it. :3
this is a great idea! thank you for starting this. one possible answer to your question is that it is all a matter of perspective. some people get away with murder because others perceive them as innocent. the person who just exhaled did some great injustice to the other person because they perceive it as such.
some people get away with it because of various reasons. there is no one reason and its not the same reason for everyone. people like hilary clinton and the president get away with anything and are still loved and i have no clue why. so i have no answer for that. but some people are just very manipulative and deceptive. and still others are protected by bias and racial preference (blacks too) white people get away with nothing unless they are pushing a liberal agenda. the narcissist who abused me has lost no sleep and has not suffered any kind of loss socially. everyone loves him to death even though they know what he did to me. they dont give a shit. hilary is responsible for the lives of our ambassadors who died in benghazi. they said for weeks that something was going to happen and they needed help and they didnt even get any amo for their guns. then she lied about it to cover her self and she is still loved by many. what can i say? maybe the world is just evil. we can know right from wrong by reading the bible. thats my thought for the day.
This got me thinking about Paris. :/
because charm and looks go a long way, science proved be good looking, they let you get away with more. There is no right path. That is a idea of society. It comes down how much pain do you find okay to put on others