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Oh, what happened? Oh man, I'm sorry. I really thought you guys were going to make it, you know? I'm really sorry. I guess it really has been a long time since we last spoke [pauses], yeah it's my fault really. I should call more.
But I got just the thing for you. Yeah, it's another song [quietly laughs]. You know I'm always ready with a song. There's a song for everything and I've been listening to this one lately -- on vinyl by the way, Jesus fucking Christ it sound so good -- and it'll really fill that void. No, no, I know you think you could get back together but it's not going to happen [pauses, realizes that was fucked up].
Fuck, I'm sorry, that was fucked. I mean, you can get through this. Remember when Maura cut her hair in Baltimore? And we sort of never heard from her again? Or when Molly's voice was driving you insane? Come on, Rachel, you've been through worse.
Oh yeah, the song, right, the song. It's by this band Snowing, you remember them right? Well, I think it'll really fit you Rach, like, when I heard this again, I thought about you. And that's why I called. It's called "So I Shotgunned a Beer and Went Back to Bed" [laughs]. Here, I'm going to read the lyrics to you while you look it up alright? It's a short song. But it's definitely slow headbang materal [laughs again, worried that Rachel doesn't care].

Notable Lyrics:

Why are my eyes always shifting away from everyone else's eyes? A minor case; major depressive. A fantastic film score. My father's bike; my weight descending, with nothing to wait for. Then I push my hair back. Then I mess it up. Then I bite my tongue from singing what you'll all say.
"You swore that you would live your life without regret. Well, what do you wait for?" Melissa. I fucked up. I won't cut my arms off, that won't keep me warm at night. And I'll do my best to live my life without regret.