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Arginine, an amino acid in this summertime favorite, not only burns fat but also prevents fat storage, says Dr. Talbott. “A recent Texas A&M study found that fat gain was 30% lower in rats supplemented with arginine over 12 weeks.” More benefits discovered in that study: better-controlled blood sugar, higher muscle mass, significantly more brown fat, the type that burns calories, and nutrient partitioning, which promotes muscle gain over fat gain. Work watermelon into fruit salads and drinks or cook up these delicious entrees with watermelon (yes, really!). Source: womansday.com
I can't wait until watermelon is everywhere. :)
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@YinofYang I heard a lot of celebrities do the watermelon diet!
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Hm, I'm not surprised, there are so many diets in the world of celebrities.
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