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This is what I wrote at the time after snapping this photo: "My room, or at least the clean part of which, in La Defense. My personal library is still quite small as books here are crazy expensive. I miss the monthly excursion to What The Book, picking up whatever titles I find intriguing, paying no mind to the price. English novels are a rare breed here in Paris, even the massive Gilbert Jeune only has a tiny selections, most of which are merely classics. I’m very tempted to buy a gramophone player, seeing how cheap vinyl records are, but the thought of dragging it back to Vietnam terrifies me to no ends. Too much red wine lately, to the point where I can actually tell the cheap stuffs from the expensive ones, which is not good at all for my tight budget. I’ve never been a big drinker, but being here somehow begs for a little tasty vino to go with every good meal. Classes in Sciences Po are fucking inspirational, though the workloads are a bit lethal. Professors here have a way with words. Two hours in the architecture class with monsieur Leglise and I’m a goner. Flowery speeches tickle me so." My Travel Catalogue is an ongoing collection featuring my personal travel photography and diary. You can see the entire collection here: What's yours?
Thanks guys! I miss it immensely. Good memories were made here.
Interesting! (^_^) You certainly had a good time it would seem. I do love the room, very nice.
nice room!