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So good morning my fellow vinglers 좋은 아침이요 I have an interesting song for you guys this morning I personally don't really like the song so it's a no for me but I thought the mv was interesting. I say no simply because no matter how many times I listened to it it just didn't feel like my type of song. I confess I will be singing this sing cause today cause I listened to it so much but I still don't really like it.
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It's a yes! I was on the fence about it at first but then I grew to like it ^^
Personally I love vixx cause of the great concepts they have. I haven't listened to this one like how I would've liked to, but I think I'll like the song after giving it a good listen XD
I love this song is a yes for me. I really like songs like this and everyone's voice is so amazing specially Hongbin and Leo
This song is a yes for me as well. I haven't liked anything they've put out since Hyde in 2013 so this is a nice suprise. However I will admit it's not as good as some of their other past singles. Music video was ok.