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Happiness [n.] - the quality or state of being happy.

Yesterday while browsing through Ted Talks podcasts, I decided I would listen to the one titled 'Simply Happy'. Realizing that I've been rather happy for the majority of this year, I figured I would give it a listen to see if I could learn anything beneficial. While listening Ted mentions an app called 'Track Your Happiness' [according to the app: Track Your Happiness is a scientific research project that investigates what makes life worth living] and immediately I'm intrigued. If you know me than you know I'm all for a good app. I immediately go and download the app. He mentions that the app is a scientific experiment where you're asked a series of questions for 30 days straight. I was down for the cause.
When you first download the app you're asked the typical [name, age, etc.] and then from there you're given a notification that says they will send you a survey in 24 hours. Not even 24 hours pass by before I receive a message asking me about how I feel. I'm led to a series of questions varying from what I am doing at the present moment to if I happen to be alone. I receive two more of these messages over the next couples hours and each time you complete a survey your answers are stored and you are given a smiley face reflecting on your mood.
I'm not too sure what the end result will be in another 29 days, but I am definitely interested in finding out. I think this idea is genius especially for those who happen to suffer from depression and need an extra boost.
Seeing just how happy or not happy you are based on a series of questions might just have a positive effect. I urge everyone to download this app and take the 30 day challenge.
Track your happiness, you never know what the outcome might be.
This app sounds really cool! I just searched up the app on the play store (for android) and it didn't seem to be there.
You're very welcome @cthulu
@jordanhamilton oh okay. Thank you so much!
It's an amazing app and it wasn't in the apple store when I searched it at first either. what you have to do is go to and get the app that way, but I just went onto the site and I didn't realize it before, but it seems like at the moment they only have the app for iPhone users which sucks :( @cthulu
Yes!!! Give it a try I'm on my 5th day of the experiment. Def interesting. And Ted is the man!!! :) @nicolejb
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