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Hi ~ everyone before the live recap, do you know that tomorrow has an earth hour on 23th of march ! It is the campaign that turn off lights to save the energy for earth for only one hour ! In korea, we turn off the city hall of Seoul and I heard that many foreign countries also participate this like putting out lights of the Eiffel Tower and London bridge. If you interest in the condition of the earth, please join it by yourself hehehe. Anyway this live recap starts on 28 of march. THIS IS FINAL RECAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ㅜnㅜWe can't see these couples anymore Keep following me until today everybody . Oh this drama airs 10~11pm ( Korean time) on every wednesday and Thursday. Then see you then hehehe -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Indonesian Live recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/121361 *Vietnamese Live recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/121897 Let's start ML got a shoot from SW...and in the last minute, she calls JJ. ML : You have to be alive and you have to show them..they did wrong...finally I'm sorry to not love you.... (ㅜㅜ ...please be alive ML....) DH holds the tape that is included trade secret, you guys know that this tape is gained by illegal way from the company dealing between GJ and the company's president. In the office, SW gets disappointed to DH because he tries to shoot ML even if he knows that ML is also victim of this event. GL comforts SW who has a guilty of shooting her. Oh JJ is still following them. JJ checks the place where she got a shoot and he decieds to save her surely...with an anger.. (Be careful SW and GL...you guys have to take care....) At the hospital, GL tells the truth to WS's daughter who doesn't know her father's job. She is really surprised ! ML is in the hospital. She gets mad... ML: Your civil servants are always do that. Your guys only wants me the place of JJ. huh...not apologizy. GL and SW explains that we feel sorry for the past. The revenge is not for the grudge in the past, Also the more brave one is not the one who asks someone for forgiveness, who is forgiven.... SW is called to investigation room because her fingerprint is founded on the gun. ( ....GJ focuses on her confession) DH...fights against with GJ who thinks DH betrays him. GJ: Do you have trade secret tape? DH: Yes. GJ: You did a big mistake. DH: Please let her free. she is innocent. i shot the gun. GJ: If you finish this event, i'll let her free. ......anyway SW returns her house and there is JJ. Oh running fight is started.. JJ catches SW as a hostage. With GL in the lead, they go to the hospital where WS stays. Before they entering the room, GL reminds something. A few days ago, WS orders that return my wife in the house and let JJ know the room number. Because he thinks that he did a mistake in the past but we have to catch them, the little children...i made them like this. The more they did wrong, the bigger my sin is. DH comes to ML's hospital and he puts something in her IV. (We don't know what it is......what is this???? DH kills ML? That can't be right.) JJ reminds his brother saying. When we revenge them, if they cry...or reflect themselves, please remember this. It is crocodile tears.. He warns not to be fooled. Wow... it is anesthetic not drugs to kill someone. How nice he is ^.^ My DH. He put the anesthetic to move her in the safe place. All things is changed. GJ leaves his company with the feeling sorry for WS. They drink together with a joke. GJ: I'm sorry actually I sold you ...for my business. WS: i already know it.. hahaha next time i will put on bulletproof vest. GL's parents are planning to move to the countries... In SW and GL's travel. However the new place appointment is announced. They got different place appointment. SW ....has to work in Germany...and GL is going to work at JEJU Island. ......what is that... they just know each other mind. They start to go well now.........ㅜㅜ DH and SM couple. hehehe cute cute couple. SM starts to know each other's mind. SM rides on DH's back .. SM: Please 5 steps more. DH: Okay only 5 steps, okay? one, two, three,,,,four... four...four....three...two....one...two.... They walk for long time hehehehe I will use this charming to my boyfriend ! hehehehe In the airport. GL delivers SW to the airport and he hestitates to send her. Before getting on the airplane, she says 'I love you' to him. GL : i love you more. Sweet Sweet couple...really sweet couple. GL's parents decide to move to the countries. hehe same villege with SW's parents. Hate each other hehehe Oh GL is being transffered to the hospital where reserches in to virus. hehehe there is SW in that hospital. They both lied...there is not Jeju Island and even Germany.. Anyway the important thing is they are being togther now, not lying. They kissed >//////< ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish :) But I just wonder what happens to JJ and ML. What do you think about them? They are in prison ? ㅜㅜ please let me know it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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