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TENROJIMA ARC. This arc is fantastic for many reasons. This does have some spoilers so if you are watching it you may want to wait on this card.
it has the best villain in it.
we finally meet zeref. the wizard we have heard tons about.
it has the two strongest fairy tail wizards.
we see makarov fight again.
we find out dragons are still around.
and so on. it's fantastic beautiful and has the best fights and the best opening which I posted in a previous card.
I really loved this arc too. It's been ages since I last saw it though. I remember being pissed at the end when they all appeared to have died |D but then I was fine after they came back with no appearance changes.
i think this is the best arc for info about fairy tail and the later arcs but i think the best so far is the tartaros arc for its action, igneel fights achnolgia, zeref is back, grey meets and fights his dad and then gets his powers, ice devil slayer, that one bitch that doesnt fucking die from sabertooth, sting and rougue,wendy finally goes dragon force, celestial spirit king is back....i could keep on going but ive made my point