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I can't keep it to myself any longer but Jung Eun Ji is Rapidly taking over my Ladies Bias list
Birthday Aug. 18 1993 Omg we are the same age n our bdays are in the same month. must be a coincidence right???
she is soo beautiful
Soo young and Taking the world by Storm
I love how she doesn't need a bucket load of makeup to look pretty
aaah and the Cuteness never ends
Answer me 1997 was my first drama with Eun Ji and I was like who is she?
Then came That winter, The wind blows I totally loved how she portrayed her character.
Trot Lovers is one of my Favorite dramas. EUN JI can sing boy always had me wanting to get up and dance XD
When I thought her acting couldn't get any better she Got met with Cheer up. Very Inspiring drama to watch
aah can't forget she is part of Apink
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She's been my queen ever since Reply 1997 (my favorite drama ever. ever ever.)