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looking for a good series any suggestions
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yu yu hakusho, log horizon, tower of druaga, magi, just to name a few less seen one's. I hardly ever hear most people talk about these and their all good ones.
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I sugest death note, naruto, fairy tale, sailor moon, RWBY,
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for dark ones there's another, elfin lied, black lagoon, future dairies, akame game kill,school days but for more light hearted there's campfer, toradora even though it can give u the feels and kill last kill even though if u analyze it its kind of messed up and then u have the really longs ones like one piece which i recommend even though its really really long fairy tail bleach full metal alchemist and full metal alchemist brotherhood sailor moon dbz etc. and there's the sad ones like clannad, clannad afterstory, angel beats ect. and blah blah i could go on forever
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