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So I might be procrastinating on doing some yoga atm, but what better way to procrastinate than writing an introduction card! Better late than never! The names Alexis and in case anyone was wondering about my username, iixel = Lexii backwards (I spell it with two i's for absolutely no reason lol). So if you've been saying it like something that rhymes with pixel, you're doing it wrong xD I usually go by Lexii unless you're family or my boss, but you can call me either one. I'll be 22 in March *breaks out walking cane* and I absolutely hate driving cars *hangs up "Trucks Only" sign* Specially sports cars. I drove my moms '02 Camero once and about shat myself lol Lets see, I used to write and be into photoraphy, but I think it's been a good 7-8 years since I've done any of that. I plan on getting back into it ... eventually, says the procrastinator. I don't really know what else to write so I'm just gonna list some random facts about myself. 1. I love anime! And this is the anime community so it should be obvious lol I also love horror movies. 2. My favorite color is black. Second fav is purple. 3. I out cuss a sailor on a regular basis 4. I put hot sauce on damn near everything 5/6. METAL!!!! Listen to it! 7/8. And then there's my ugly mug. If you can't tell I like to dye my hair. Last pic is the most recent (yay for purple and blue!) Anyways, enough about me and onto the anime!
These are a few of my favorite anime. Mainly the first two are the ones I love the most. Tokyo Ghoul - I'm currently obsessed with this show. Awaiting season 3 and next time I have some extra money I'm getting the manga. I think this is one of the few shows I've seen where the hero actually chooses the darker path instead of being forced into it or unable to control it. Probably why I love it so much, along with the emotional aspects of it. Granted I also love all things dark and bloody lol Yu Yu Hakusho - YYH is definitely a classic and my all time fav (tied with Tokyo Ghoul now) I remember staying up til 5 am on a school night just to watch the next episode on Toonami cause I liked it so much. All the characters progress quite a bit in the series (even dumb Kuwabara) and it's pretty awesome to watch them grow. It's also entertaining to see how they interact with each other since none of their personality's really match in the beginning. Deadman Wonderland - Also on my manga list. It left WAY too many questions unanswered so I must venture to the book store and retrieve this knowledge! Also dark and bloody, which is good in my book. Wolf's Rain - This show needs more love and recognition! It's been so long since I've watched it I don't even remember it all but I do remember that it was amazing! Go watch it if you haven't seen it! Evangelion (the movies) - Another show with lots of emotions (I'm not a masochist I swear lol) And probably one of the only shows I like that have some kind of mechs in them. Other than Gundam of course. The 3rd movie needs to come out already!!!! Parasyte & Akame Ga Kill - I actually haven't finished these yet but they're quickly growing on me.
There's more stuff I thought about adding but this card is already turning into a book. Instead, I'll just wrap things up with some of my favorite guys!
I like the troubled ones don't I? lol None of these pictures are mine. All rights go to their respective owners.
Hope I didn't bore/ freak ya out too much. If you have any anime/manga suggestions, throw em at me! Until next time!
I've watched anime since as long as I can remember so it's safe to say I love anime lol
I've been watching anime for about as long as you've been alive and I love it. you're in the right place.
anyone that loves anime is welcome here, and if you come here and you don't love anime I swear by all things holy that you will before you leave. 馃槓 but welcome.